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Electrical Design

We have the capability to provide high quality Electrical Design solutions to the latest standards. Through our professionally qualified and experienced staff, operating the latest electrical design software, we offer design packages over a range of industries that can be tailored to the needs of our customers.

Lighting Design & Verification

Good quality lighting is lighting that allows you to see what you need to see quickly and easily and does not cause visual discomfort. It does raise the human spirit. The effect of lighting on vision is the most obvious impact of light on humans. With light we can see, without light we cannot. The visual system is an image processing system. At hans-Lec design, we use the latest Lighting software packages to achieve the correct lighting Lux levels for your project.!

Autocad Drawing Services

We cater to the CAD drafting needs of Building Services Consultants, M&E Contractors, Architects, Design & Build and Manufacturing Companies. Working closely with some of these clients, we have developed not only CAD models and drawings, but systems which have reduced the build cost, allowed projects to reduce labour costs as well as reducing potential mistakes and installation errors.

Our CAD drafting services boast the highest quality and fastest turnaround we aim at exceeding your expectations on your CAD-drafting projects.

HV Protection Studies and Design

hans-Lec design undertake protection studies to provide protection settings and CT specifications based on system evaluations including motor starting, maximum demand, fault levels, transformer inrush currents and grading requirements. Existing protection systems can be optimised or new systems designed, specified and implemented using discreet relays or programmable multifunction protection relays. Protection schemes undertaken vary from motor protection to unit protection and high impedance busbar protection with Class X current transformers..

Temporary Generation

Without electricity, factories couldn’t operate, schools couldn’t open and councils wouldn’t be able to power essential facilities. We help to keep services running by Design engineering the need and size of Temporary Generation.

Earthing & Lightning Protection

An effective earthing system is critical to the safety of every electrical installation. The introduction of new international standards, together with increased awareness within the electricity industry require that developers and operators of these installations carry out more thorough assessments and design studies to demonstrate safety compliance.


Lightning is the natural discharge of electrostatic electricity within Earth’s atmosphere and has the capability to be extremely destructive. Experience of lightning has shown that significant structural damage and failure / destruction of electrical systems can be caused. However, protective measures can be introduced to existing or prospective structures to help mitigate the hazardous effects of lightning strikes..

Our Mission

To meet challenging construction timescales and improve construction efficiencies, the industry needs innovative engineering design solutions that push boundaries.


Working to a specific brief and budget, we use our extensive technical experience to create those solutions which help project delivery, and save time and money without compromising on safety or quality.


The majority of our engineering projects require the complete engineering package including design development, technical specifications and compliance, Lighting Design and Verification , and co-ordinated CAD drawings.


To ensure quality of service, it’s company policy that all projects have senior manager involvement. It’s this high level of technical expertise plus our dynamic approach to problem solving that ensures you have the most cost effective solution for your project.


Our Sectors

hans-Lec design has a team of motivated, supportive and professional Design Engineers, who as a collective, have a vast range of experience and knowledge of every Construction sector.


We understand that retail environments demand both a design passion and an aesthetic aim to deliver creative, fresh and personal solutions thereby ensuring a commercially successful retail solution..


Schools, Colleges & Unitversities  should offer a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for learning and social interaction. New and refurbished schools should create spaces where discomfort and functional problems are avoided. Our design team, through spatial, fabric and system design, aim to create an environment with optimum conditions as efficiently as possible.


Flexibility and close control of conditions are key to delivering successful Science and Research environments.


We understand that Engineering efficiency is key in the Commercial property Construction sector. Efficiency in the Engineering


Leisure structures range in size from relatively small buildings, such as gymnasia, to larger buildings such as stadia which may be capable of holding 80,000 people. Each project comes with its own challenges, opportunities and efficient electrical solutions.


For airports and operators, the priority is to make the whole customer experience simple and enjoyable. It’s about engagement at every step through an airport, and engineering design is crucial to achieving a positive experience.


Easy to use, good value, energy efficient engineering systems are paramount in all Residential properties; from owner-occupier large individual homes, to managed student apartments


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